Petite nude model posing at the pool

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More free pics here today, with Kara the petite nude model as she strips out of her bikini at the pool. She was going to do it to work on her tan anyway, so why not just take a few pictures to let everyone else admire her slim sexy body too? That’s what I thought.

Kara from MPL Studios
Kara from MPL Studios.

Bikini top pulled down
Relaxing at the pool, with her bikini top pulled down to catch some more sun.

Nude model at the pool
Poolside paradise, with Kara and her quickly disappearing bikini.

Nude girl small perky tits
Going in for a closer shot of this beautiful nude girl and her small perky tits.

Slim sexy nude girl
Working on her tan, and giving everyone an eyeful of her slim sexy body.

Petite nude model spreading legs
No more bikini as she spreads her legs and flashes a sexy little smile.

Petite nude girl
Kara looking simply stunning from head to toe, showing off her petite nude body.

Beautiful nude pussy
Last of all, a close up pic of Kara’s beautiful nude pussy before the skinny dipping.

She’s not quite the typical blonde with big tits that a lot of people seem to be in to, but Kara is definitely beautiful, and definitely nude, so here she is. If you want to see more of this petite nude model in full original quality then you need to visit the official MPL Studios website to see it all. They also have a whole lot more nude models, mostly from around Europe, and they update the site all the time to keep you busy. Oh, yes, they also have incredible HD videos of these beautiful young ladies.

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